Terms and Conditions

1. Content Submission on this web site

By offering any info to this site: (a) users accord to offer the website editor a royalty-free, universal, eternal, non-exempt right as well as copyright license (which includes legal rights or other important rights) for using, reproducing, altering, adapting, distributing, publishing, translating, promoting, archiving, translating, and creating differential illations in entire or portion of the contents. The license is also applicable in relation to any media, form, and technology which gets developed later and (b) users warrant and correspond that they have moral, legal and other mandatory right for granting the website, the license which is specified in this part of the policy (c) They also admit and acknowledge that the website editor can have the authority (but not duty) at the sole discretion of him/her to reject publishing of the article or remove or stop access to any of the contents provided by users at any point of time, devoid of any notice.

2. 3rd Party services

The services and goods of 3rd parties can be advertised and made accessible through this site. The advertisements regarding services and products which are offered by 3rd parties are controlled by the policies and guidelines made by 3rd parties and the site editor are not responsible in any means for the interaction or dealing with 3rd parties.

3. Indemnification

Users agree to cover and embrace risk-free the website editor and his/her affiliates, subsidiaries, concerned 3rd parties, directors, agents, staff, sub-contractors, partners, advertisers, co-branders from any financial demand or claim which includes reasonable fees payment for lawyers that might be made due to 3rd party which arises resulting from their conduct or relation with the website, their content provision, the infringement of the conditions or terms, or any infringement of the rights or any individual or 3rd party.

4. Warranty Disclaimer

Users comprehend and admit that the usage of services of the website or any of its contents which is made available in the site and is offered to them at their own risk. The site is delivered on an “As-is” basis and the site editor denies all the warranties of any category, either direct of implied which is inclusive of but not restricted to the warranties of salability, fitness for use and non-violation of laws.

The website editor does not make any warranty, direct of implies that any portion of the service provided by the website will be bug-free, uninterrupted, free of viruses, secure, timely, reliable, accurate, and of any particular quality and it not warranted either expressly or implicitly that any of the contents are safe for download by the users. The users comprehend and agree that neither the website nor the service providing candidates offer any professional counsel of any type and the usage of that information or advice which is received through this website is at their own risk and that does not make the site editor liable or responsible for the consequences by any means.

Some of the jurisdictions might not permit disclaimers of implied warranties and several statements in the above disclaimers might not be applicable to the users concerning implies warranties and other conditions and terms prevail enforceable notwithstanding.


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