The Simple Theory to Combat Your Tilt at the Poker Table

chips_with_cardsYou have written that failures are stepping stones to learning that can be true for certain and my grandfather used to say live and learn; a teacher from elementary school would put it by saying a teachable moment is being experienced, and an experienced poker pro would tell about paying off your dues, especially in USA Poker. All you need is to go to online casino hall and try this theory out. Nevertheless your own viewpoint is assessing the mistakes you make in your game without harming the standard of your playing instead taking this as a challenge as you strive for improvement.


Sometimes do's and dont's change places

You must have gone through those prolonged lists of things to do and things not to do to prevent poor playing in poker. Those lists might have suggested you not to play in case you feel tired, hungry, sad, ill, lonely etc and mentioning of such factors continues. The matter of the fact is – all these lists are totally WRONG! Such lists are, to a considerable extent tend to advice the players to play when they feel strong emotionally and intellectually but in no way take into account the practical perspectives of the game.

Each and every person who takes the game seriously should be very stressed out and hungry as there are sessions over twelve hour long. There are instances when the good players remain confident and intact in fulfilling their objectives even when they face crisis from various spheres of life. If a person avoids a play due to poor conditions externally affecting him, that will mean he is avoiding the challenge that the game has to present. As for example the legendary Stu Unger won several WSOP accolades while trying to cope up with his depression. It is essential to forget the laundry lists of various factors that are supposed to affect your game and instead figuring out the strategies to tackle both the external and internal conditions while at the poker table.


Stay cool

Most of the players regard that tilting is the product of expressing direct anger. Players in anger blame it just on anybody or anything. This sort of erratic behaviour degrades their game and they play poorly at least for sometime on their hands as a consequence. Although it is authentic that tilting is due to anger but it has got more explanation to it. It is not rational to consider anger as a true emotion. It is the by product of several emotions that underlie beneath it. Accumulation of the feelings of frustration, betrayal, disbelief etc results in anger and the consequent tilt. The crux of the matter is battling out those underlying feelings in order to check one’s anger and control it from surfacing.

The key measure is to fragment the thinking process and evaluate the reason for your tilt. Instead of showing anger, it is judicious to assess the factors that led to it, and it is essential to have self belief and being matured in order to control the primary emotions of yours that will lead to an optimal game playing. Do not try to rush away from tilt, but nail the occurrence of it by thinking of causes that led it to happen.


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