Always Be Alert So That You Don't Become a Victim of Bluff

1. You need to have clear knowledge about the strategies to win poker. After that, you need to cautious as this is not statistics but psychology that can determine your winning the game. If you have some trouble with the strategies you can use psychological concepts at your benefit. First you must master the fundamental strategies of poker. Then you can apply other tricks like psychological concepts to win.

heart_king2. You need to open your eyes and earn both. You cannot see all the profitable tells and then you need to listen to them. If you are good at listening then you are half way close to winning.

3. Talking tells has four important keys. They are: i) what the player is saying and ii) what is not saying. Then there is iii) How he is saying and iv) when is saying that.

If your opponent is talking is a hostile voice that means he has a strong hand. You need to open your ears always. This type of voice can be a bluff too. Non poker conversation means the player is not at all tensed. It means that he is not trying to bluff. For a value bet you must choose him as he is most probably a poor target. If anyone is talking negative about his own hand that clearly indicates a very strong hand. On the other hand if someone is sounding very excited that may indicate a weak hand.

4. If your opponent is busy in natural talking then he not bluffing. Otherwise there is a huge possibility of bluffing. If someone seems uninterested in your betting that means he is trying to look that way and this is also another try to bluff.  If someone is busy in talking that means he is not willing to give you clues about his hand.

If someone is talking about something irrelevant to poker for quite some time then it is time for you to be aware. Sometimes these players are truly weak and they just try to distract themselves. But most of the time he has a strong hand and he is confident about the bet.

5. Some people whistle when someone else is bluffing or going to call. These people are really sharp. You need to observe a little and then you can understand that they stop whistling only when they are bluffing.

6. You need to be careful about the words and the tone they are talking. You can understand many things from the tone. Id someone is projecting a sad voice that means usually he has a strong hand.

8. If you see a player struggling to catch his breath and at the same trying he does not want anybody to look at it then that can indicate he is bluffing. The bluffers sometime do not breathe and most of the time they have trouble breathing. If the players have big hands then too they can have trouble breathing sometimes. And also their breathing is usually audible to others.

9. If one any player is talking irrelevant and unfocused then there is huge possibility that he is bluffing. If you are in immediate danger then it becomes hard to focus on light hearted conversation.

10. In case of a borderline bet if somebody has bluffed he will become silent. You need to hear that silence. These players usually do not discourage you to bet. But you must not bet to avoid losing. This is a very crucial tip.


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