Become a Poker Author

In order to become a successful online casino or poker player you need to become a great author. While that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a fantastic writer, it does mean you need to know how to tell a good story.

The reason you need to be proficient at spinning a good yarn is that in order to dupe your opponents, you need make each play convincing. Experienced players don’t look at each bet, check or call as an isolated incident, they consider them in their overall context.

In more technical terms, a strong poker player will look at their opponent’s betting line in order to best determine what possible hand they can hold. For example, if a player raises pre-flop, bets on the flop, turn and river, it could be said their betting line is strong and, therefore, indicative of a good hand.

For this reason it’s important to consider each move in terms of your betting line and write a script that makes sense. In order to do this you need to have your intentions for the hand set before you put a chip into the pot. Indeed, there’s no use calling a raise pre-flop with the intention of making a pair, then deciding to bluff when once the action gets to the turn.

Let’s assume a player at your table is playing too many hands and you want to bluff them. You’re also aware that they don’t like to fold, so you know that in order to make them surrender you need to apply a lot of pressure.

Once you’ve made this decision you should be willing to either raise or re-raise pre-flop. Doing this will signal you have a strong hand such as an A-K or a high pocket pair. Once the action gets to the flop you need to continue betting on suitable boards. Thus, if the flop contains an ace, king, queen or jack then you should be betting 100% of the time. This will further enhance the idea you have a strong pair.

Of course, with each move you need to know when to give up; however, in general, if you have a plan then you should stick with it. Times when you alter your approach or make a move that isn’t consistent with previous actions, are the times when your opponent works you out.

So, if you want to be a better poker player, you need to make sure your actions are consistent with your intentions.


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